Ruthrakali Amman Temple



A flimsy situation with burdens will be ruling. Certain things whether minus or plus, your views will be dictating it for finalization. Lord of the sign, Lord Mars is in 6th sign with 3 more planets and the atmosphere of fear in losing something will be observed by you. Be calculative to safeguard your position.

Women and children at home: Will be very normal and anticipating much more. The flexibility in finance and sanctioning person’s circumstances are restricted. With the small facilities, you have to manage more this month.

Students: Are not in right perfect ness. They are also confused to get proper seat and accommodation. The planets are blocked in kalasarpadoosha (all planets are jailed in between Lords Raaghu and Kethu). Make your plans peacefully.

Professionals and business people: Are in a position to do hard work. You can expect labor charges and not the profit. Plan yourself with economy.

Lovers: Their trends are not free. You are under check and only on a rare scene, you are able to speak, that too over telephone only.

Married people and spouses: Are much worried about the maintenance and the present cost of living. Finance will be tight. Lord Jupiter shows the mercy to manage the needs. Lord Saturn looks badly on your purse and home affairs. You have to worship the navagrahas at the temple. The days, which will give you disappointment, are 7th and 8th.


The lords of 8th sign and 9th sign are accommodated in the stars of Lord Venus. This shows the rights and ownerships are on way for clear deal. The others may not prefer but it will occur. Since Lord Saturn is looking badly upon you, the problems are giving many worries. The 16th sign is looked by 2 malefic planets, that is good. You can earn something but with limit of small income.

Women and children at home: Are governed by Lord Jupiter. They will be doing well. Lord Mercury is in exalted position. Education and other affairs in family will be to the satisfaction.

Students: Are just coming to make plans of their studies. They can shine better. Sometimes the dull mind and laziness will make them slow in their deeds. The grace of Lord Jupiter will give them good progress.

Business people and professionals: May find the situation in a restricted condition. Some kind of clear decisions, you need but the interference of other will cause angry in getting the things done. Routine way of income is not disturbed but unexpected expenditures may bring down your cash position. Lovers: Their trend in this month will be with anxiety but the arguments will be more between lovers. A clear picture is not found to encourage your deal. You have to wait till next month.

Married persons and spouse: The forecast will be highly complicated. The preference and importance are to be selected in order. You have to look after the welfare of your spouse. The health and time with pleasure is seen below the normal. You have to manage with good plans so that no dissatisfaction arises. The dates 9th and 10th of this month you have to very careful in all matters.


Your steadiness and smartness are good. Your finance, education and family affairs are facing problems. Everything moves very slowly. The first two weeks are challenging much. Your routine of income and maintenance are affected a little. Women and children at home: Will be with good freedom. Lord Jupiter governs them. It is better to be quite. Loose talks must be avoided. Some disputes are likely to come. Take care in handling the things with safely.

Students: Are in need of more funds. They must obey the rules of economy. The moments with other friends and atmosphere at institutions are gloomy and cloudy. The freedom is not there. Study times will also be in disturbance. You have to select the program and do it accordingly.

Business people and professionals: Are given opportunity. Some of them will be with much interesting. Some are with researching trend. They are all for good. Four planets aspect your 10th sign and that will be bringing your position as a notable one.

Lovers: Their trend in this month will be useful. Lord of 7th sign will play his role with arguments. This will make you to understand your lover much more. Since Lord Venus is blocked up with Lord Mars, the suitable time has not yet came.

Married persons and spouse: They are servicing to each other in good manner. The finance situation and happy words are limited. With all easy and go-ahead scenes are still delayed. The position of Lord Venus along with Lord Mars in kanya, will be giving hurdles and restrictions. The conjunction of Lords Venus and Mercury will give some reaction of unhealthy events. They are likely to arrive. In family life it is usual. Better move with full care to avoid such scenes. The dates 11th and 12th may not be favorable to you.


The natives of this sign have faced critical scenes last month and the continuation is still in force. Un adjustable financial needs are there. Your brain is with activeness but you will feel that the promises are keeping you in a stand still position. Some thing freedom less condition which may give fear of litigation and court cases. Some are going to draw big seem on loan. Be very cautious during this month. Women and children at home: May be with dissatisfaction in activities. All the works are in pending stage only. Your curiosity to fulfill the things is found without help. Children are advised to be careful while they play and operate anything.

Students: Are brilliant and carry out their jobs. There is every chance to forget the lessons which they attend at institutions. They have to take special care to do all the exercises properly.

Businesspersons and professionals: Are doing well with regular routines, but the income may not be handful to handle. Unexpected expenses will come and the business may show a downward graph this month.

Lovers: And their trend is not much pleasant. Lord Raaghu occupies the 7th sign and Lord Venus is in conjunction with Lord Mercury. This is not a good symbol. You have to post pone your program for next month.

Married persons and spouses: Are advised to be very calculative in all the affairs. The kala sarpha dosha will take a period of four to five months. Make economical budgets and do the expenses. Lord Venus is not happy with Lord Mars in kanya. So the privacy and happy will be with questions. This September is an ordinary September. Next month may please you. The dates 13th and 14th will disappoint you.


You are surrounded with more burdens. All the affairs which you have started seem to be bracketed with out moments. Your mind is also overloaded with problems. All these things are because of kala sarpha dosha. Some fortune formation is also there. The time will come and show its merit. Lords Venus and Jupiter stand in trine specifically in the stars of Lord Venus and that will create a definite position of your rights.

Women and children at home: Will be puzzled with their duties. They will try to do something but it will reflect as something unexpected. Some pending matters in assets will be projecting up for clearance. Use this opportunity. Children will be dull and some times behave erratically. Keep them nicely and teach them about peace and justice.

Students: Will be doing well and going ahead with researching trend. Their freedom is restricted and they will adjust according to the circumstances. Since Lord Jupiter aspects the sign, they will prosper little by little.

Business people and professionals: Are experiencing certain usual thing. It is good and lead for success. Their progress will be for a satisfactory stage only. Lord Saturn aspects the 10th sign and giving certain new facilities.

Lovers: Their trends will be with unusual system. They are not free. Some problems are unanswered and that the decision is delayed. Lord Venus with Lord Mercury and this conjunction may cause misunderstanding. Move slowly and deal nicely.

Married persons and spouses: Are busy in their own way. Some thing unexpected but good things happens. In finance and maintenance they do excitingly. Yet Lord Mars will support unbearable expenditure. Better use the brain with trick and save little. Your privacy is less and the duties are more. The dates 16th and 17th are to be very cautions.